You want to be a traveling physical therapist.

You want to live life to the fullest, have the freedom to explore.
You want balance between work and play.
You want to continue to grow as a clinician.
You want mentorship through the process.

But you don’t know where or how to start…

You are in the right spot!
That is exactly why we created WanderlustPTs.
Let us guide you on your journey to becoming a traveling therapist.

“The key to success as a new traveling physical therapist is having mentorship and unbiased, accurate information, especially as a new grad.”



Imagine the freedom to travel the country and get paid for it, taking time off when you want, personal and professional growth, and having support and guidance along the way from people who have already set out on this journey.
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What New Grads are Saying About Us…

  • “You’re like a Jedi Master, and I’m just over here trying to figure out how to turn on the damn lightsaber.”

    Travis, PT, DPT
    Traveling Physical Therapist
  • I would absolutely recommend for anyone who is looking into travel to contact Gabe and Jess.  They provided so much information and guidance in terms of what to expect as a traveler from choosing a recruiter, negotiating a contract, to planning your next adventure.  They are a great resource!

    Martin, PT, DPT, CSCS
    New Grad Traveling Physical Therapist
  • “I had the pleasure of meeting Jess and Gabe at a national conference this year, and it was impossible to ignore the passion the two of them possess for this field and their genuine desire to assist others in achieving their travel goals as well.”

    Monica H, PT, DPT
    New Grad Traveling Physical Therapist
  • “I can’t thank Gabe and Jess enough for all of the ground work they have done so we can live easy; we really appreciate all of their info, recommendations, and input. We are loving this travel life and are glad to be able to learn from them.”

    Amanda B, PT, DPT
    Traveling Physical Therapist
  • “After graduating from physical therapy school, everyone stresses the importance of finding a great mentor. I believe it’s even more important to find a great mentor if you decide to become a traveling physical therapist as a new graduate […] Jess and Gabe have a strong understanding about all the intricacies of traveling physical therapy and will help you avoid any pitfalls that new graduates are likely to encounter. They are easily accessible and are excellent mentors for any novice in traveling physical therapy.”

    James L, PT, DPT
    Traveling Physical Therapist
  • “Gabe and Jess have been an invaluable resource while starting my career in travel PT. They are very eager share their knowledge, from how to travel efficiently as a minimalist, to what to look out for when finding your next assignment. It’s great to have such enthusiastic individuals in your corner who have been through most of what traveling has to offer, the good and bad.”

    Mike N, PT, DPT
    Traveling Physical Therapist
We traveled as new grads.
We learned from our experiences.
We want to share everything we have learned.
We are traveling physical therapists who love what we do, the lifestyle we live, and love to share our passion for travel with others.

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Meet Jess and Gabe

As new grad traveling therapists, we feared loneliness, failure, vulnerability, and the unknown.  We did not know where or how to start, and helpful information about traveling physical therapy was hard to find.

However, we heard the benefits of travel PT outweighed the cons. So, despite our fears and lack of guidance initially, we set out on our travel therapy journey shortly after graduation, and it was the best decision we ever made. In addition to new experiences, friends, hobbies, professional and personal growth, financial stability, and more time-off, travel therapy has created a way of life that is beyond fulfilling.

Over these past 7 years, we have learned valuable information about the ins and outs of travel therapy. As ones who did not have mentors initially, we learned from our mistakes experiences. It is because of this that we want to pass on all that we have learned to you and help you to navigate the challenges of travel therapy and avoid pitfalls.  We LOVE what we do and the LIFESTYLE we have created, and we are excited to help you achieve it too! That is why we established WanderlustPTs and this traveling therapy blog! 

Until our path cross…


Jess and Gabe Renzi


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