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Hey there, Aspiring Travel PT!

If you’re reading this, you’re ready to level-up your life and career as a new travel PT .

🙌 Congrats! Exciting times ahead!

Picture seamlessly transitioning from a new grad to a seasoned travel PT without overwhelm or uncertainty, armed with a step-by-step system that covers every aspect of your career:  Rake- in a six-figure salary, design your ideal lifestyle, and enjoy the freedom of time, location, and financial independence.


The New Grad Travel PT Bootcamp will make this dream a reality.  You’re invited to join me for a 3-week intensive training, where I’ll equip you with all the skills, knowledge, tools, resources, support, and confidence you need to thrive in the world of travel therapy as a new grad.

No more fear of being taken advantage of or wondering what to do next. You’ll have the expertise to make informed decisions, earn a substantial income, pay- off debt, and save for retirement. And you’ll do it amongst a community of other like-minded (Wanderlust)PTs.

Who’s this Bootcamp for? 

  • New Grad PTs who are eager to get started but don’t know where to start. 
  • New travelers that want to know what the HECK they are doing, negotiate more, avoid mistakes and red flags. 
  • Burnt-out PTs or Seasoned PTs who need a change and are considering switching to travel PT but don’t know where or how to start.
  • PTs who are not sure they want to travel, and want to learn more about it before committing. 
  • Student PTs who haven’t graduated yet, but KNOW this is the next step for them and want to get ahead.
  • OTs and SLPs too. 

What The New Grad Travel PT Bootcamp includes:

  1. Real-World Preparation: Say goodbye to guesswork! We’ll guide you through the travel therapy industry, from finding the perfect job to negotiating higher salaries and crushing student loans.
  2. Experience and Mentorship: You won’t be alone on this journey. Benefit from valuable mentorship and guidance, ensuring a smooth transition and paving the way for your success.
  3. Actionable Steps: No fluff here! Learn proven strategies and practical tips to kickstart your travel PT career. Say hello to lucrative opportunities and farewell to overwhelm.

What The Bootcamp covers:

Week 1: Getting Started
– Clear, step-by-step instructions to confidently kickstart your travel therapy career
– Finding trustworthy recruiters and companies to work with
– Licensing requirements and staying organized with multiple licenses
– Understanding tax home rules before embarking on your travel adventures

Week 2: Finding the Right Job
– Discovering your perfect job fit through effective interview techniques and questions
– Accessing mentorship, orientation, and support from experienced therapists
– Mastering negotiation strategies to increase your take-home pay
– Researching new locations and uncovering the best job opportunities

Week 3: Thriving as a Travel Therapist
– Navigating housing options and avoiding unnecessary expenses
– Adapting to new environments and building connections
– Managing multiple licenses, CEUs, and health insurance
– Practical resources to simplify your transition to the travel therapist lifestyle

And much more…

What you get:

  • 21- Day Bootcamp & Mentorship Program (a $1,997 value):  pre- recorded & live sessions that cover everything you need to know about confidently becoming a travel PT, as a new grad. 
  • 1:1 Travel Therapy Strategy Call  ($500) to develop a plan for your transition to a travel PT    
  • 3 Weekly Live Q & As ($1,875 value) so all of your questions are answered 
  • Private Messaging community ($250 value) for support & questions 
  • Immediate access to my Recommended Recruiters 
  • 1:1 Coaching ($625 value) to guide you through finding your first assignment 
  • Lifetime access to the Private FB community ($225 value)  for ongoing support 
  • Lifetime access to Recordings of trainings
  • The opportunity to become an affiliate and earn rewards for referring friends
  • WanderlustPTs Travel Therapist Certification

Free Bonuses:

On top of the Bootcamp, you’ll also receive these 11 Amazing BONUSES to further support your travel therapy journey. (a $3,128 value)
– New Grad, New Goals Guide ($129 value)
– Resume Transformation Workshop ($249 value)
Fast-Action BONUS: Resume Review (Limited to the first 5 sign-ups, $199 value)
– Financial Health and Wealth Roadmap ($468 value)
– Recruiter Matching System ($124 value)
– Licensing Clarity Session ($119 value)
– The Traveler’s Health Insurance Handbook ($349 value)
– The Mentorship Manual ($499 value)
– Contract Confidence Audit ($394 value)
– The Housing Search Blueprint ($219 value)
– The Thriving Traveler Trainings ($249 value)
– The TravelPT’s Effortless Organization System ($329 value)

Phew😅, that’s total value of $7,825 of value packed in there! 

When does it start? 

The Summer Bootcamp Cohort runs July 30th, 2023– Aug 13th, 2023.
Fast- Action BONUS: Limited to the first 5 who sign up will receive a 1:1 Resume Review.
SPACE LIMITED: Only 20 spots available for summer session.
Price will increase for next cohort.

Here’s the Deal:  

$97 Saves your Spot.
Then, the remaining balance is due only AFTER you collected a paycheck from your new six-figure salary as a travel PT.

Yup, you read that right. 🤯
You get to consume the information, apply the skills learned in the program, get the job, collect the paycheck, THEN, pay for the program.

Call me crazy, but I want to make sure nothing is keeping you from enjoying life as a confident, successful travel PT, even as a new grad.
And I want this to be a no-brainer for you.

So, no excuses that you don’t have the money now, because you don’t need to pay for it now.

Consider it a tuition payment, but only after you get the six- figure job (and without a six-figure loan).
Don’t we all wish college worked like that?! 😅

Then, it’s only $97/ week over 13 weeks (the duration of your first assignment) and your “Save your Spot” Payment gets applied to the 13th week for a total of $1,261. 

Payments for Summer Session start September 23, 2023.
Don’t have a contract by then or decided travel PT isn’t for you? Let me know. 

Six- Figure Salary Guarantee

I will guarantee that you will make a six- figure salary as a travel PT in 90 days or less, or I will work with you until you do.

Ready to get started?


What’s included in those 11 BONUSES?

BONUS #1: New Grad, New Goals Guide ($129 value)
Get clear about your goals after graduation — and design a plan to achieve them

What it includes:
Manifest Anything Goal – Setting Workshop & Worksheets
List and Prioritize Worksheet – How to decide where to travel
10 NPTE Study Cheatsheets Download for PT Students Who Don’t Have Time to Read Review Books Cover To Cover

BONUS #2: Resume Transformation Workshop ($249 value)
Craft a drool-worthy resume that positions you as a no-brainer candidate for your dream job

What it includes:
Webinar: Resume Upgrade Critique
Template: The Perfect Resume Template
Worksheet: Professional References Worksheet
Example: Resume Example
Fast Action BONUS: Resume Review: Limited to first 5 people who sign up. ($199 value)   

BONUS #3 Financial Health and Wealth Roadmap ($468 value) 
Discover the path to crushing your student loans and achieving financial freedom

What it includes: 
Webinar: Student loans & financial planning for travel PTs webinar: Make money compliment your life instead of dictate it.
Discount to recommended financial planning software

BONUS #4 Recruiter Matching System ($124 value)
Find the best-fit (and completely trustworthy) recruiter for you.

What it includes:
Recruiter Interview Questions Cheat Sheet
Recruiting Companies Worksheet
Exclusive Access and Matching to Recommended Recruiters
Strategy Planning Session 

BONUS #5: Licensing Clarity Session ($119 value)
Chart Your Path to Professional Mobility and gain clarity around the whens, wheres, and hows of licensing — and get organized while you do it

What it includes: 
Licensing Clarity Session – Develop a strategy on where to get licensed, when, and how.
Personal licensing team to help you stay on top of your licensing in the process.
License Application Organization Worksheet.

BONUS #6: The Traveler’s Health Insurance Handbook ($349 value)
Navigating Coverage for Travel Therapists:  Find the right health insurance for you

What it includes: 
Health Insurance Comparison Guide
Health Insurance: Uncomplicated Training
Health Insurance Strategy Call with Vetted Health Insurance Broker for Travel Healthcare professionals 

BONUS # 7: The Mentorship Manual ($499 value)
Your Path to Landing Your Dream Travel Therapy Job

What it includes:
Job Submissions Worksheet
General Interview Questions Cheat Sheet
Home Health Interview Questions Cheat Sheet
Acute Care Interview Questions Cheat Sheet
SNF interview questions Cheat Sheet
Outpatient Interview Questions Cheat Sheet
Featured Profile on Exclusive Job board 

BONUS # 8: Contract Confidence Audit ($394 value)
All the resources, tools, and support you need to confidently sign on the dotted line

What it includes: 
Pay Package Comparison Guide: How to compare apples to apples when comparing 2 different job offers.
Negotiation Opportunities Cheat Sheet: How to confidently negotiate and compare offers without feeling like “the bad guy”
Contract Inclusions Cheat Sheet : Exactly what you should include in your contract
Contract Organization Worksheet
Contract Details Worksheet: Track important details of past contracts
Contract Review-  so you can sign with confidence

BONUS # 9: The Housing Search Blueprint ($219 value)
For a housing search so easy, you will feel like you are on HGTV’s House Hunters.

What it includes:
Swipe Copy: Housing Inquiry Swipe Copy
Housing & Moving Worksheets
Packing Checklist
A list of the Apps you needs

BONUS #10: The Thriving Traveler Trainings ($249 value)
How to live life to the fullest, from making friends to making money and everything in-between

What it includes: 
Tips for Making friends on assignment : How to meet people and make friends on assignment so you are never alone.
How to keep a six figure salary (and freedom lifestyle) even after you stop your career as a travel PT.
Virtual Tribe Meetups to connect with fellow travelers (coming soon)
First access to LIVE Events & Retreats (coming eventually

BONUS #11 The TravelPT’s Effortless Organization System ($329 value)
Get all the systems you need to get (and stay!) organized as a travel therapist

What it includes: 
Virtual Compliance Binder
Health Documents Checklist
Licenses Worksheet
Streamlined CEUs Worksheet
CEUs Discount
Expenses Tracking Worksheet 

That’s 11 FREE Bonuses for a total value of $3,128!


  1. Secure your spot & agree to payment terms with a $97 payment (that gets applied to the balance payment). 
  2. Enjoy in the Bootcamp & the BONUSES. Summer Session Starts July 30th- August 13th, 2023. Only 20 seats available. Price will increase for the next cohort. 
  3. Land your first travel job. 
  4. Start your assignment. 
  5. Collect your first FAT paycheck from your six- figure salary.. 
  6. Payments for Summer Session starts September 23, 2023 at  $97/ week x 13 weeks (the duration of your assignment) and your Save your Spot Payment gets applied as a credit towards your 13th week for a total of $1,261 after you have applied the teachings and secured you job (and paycheck).
    Don’t have a contract by then or decide travel PT isn’t for you? Let me know. 
  7. Fast- Action BONUS: If you are one of the first 5 people to sign up, you get a personalized Resume Review. 

Ready to Get Started? 



Not sure this is right for you? Got questions? Email me at, and let me know! 



Travel PT Guru, Coach & Mentor
Founder & CEO, WanderlustPTs

P.S. If this isn’t a no-brainer for you, email me at, and let me know why. 



I have to study for the NPTE. How much time should I plan to commit?
~ 15 hours over 3 weeks. 

Are classes recorded?
Yes, you can watch the training videos on your own time, but the weekly Q & As are live.

Do I have access to the material after the course is over?
Yes, you have lifetime access to the content. 

Why the $97 payment to save my spot, if we don’t pay for the program until later?
1) Since there is a limited number of spots, I only want committed people. This helps you commit and weed out the people who are not ready to.
People who pay, pay attention. (Remember that for your patients.)😉


How do I sign up? 

Click Here to Apply, fill out an application, and join.