Do you dream of working with professional and young athletes in an outpatient setting?
Do you want to be mentored by a team of other skilled PTs in an energetic, fun sports-medicine environment?
Do you want to wear comfortable, athletic clothing to work everyday?
Isn’t this what all aspiring sports-med PTs dream of?!
That’s why I write this- I don’t usually do this but
During our travels, I met this amazing clinic owner in an elevator in California who was on his way to treat professional athletes in their hotel room before a big game.
We struck up a conversation, and he shared with me that he is looking for a permanent PT for his clinic in California-
And the opportunity was WAAAY TOO GOOD not to share with you.
I immediately thought that it would be a good fit for any aspiring sports med PT.
So, if working with professional athletes and young athletes in an innovative, growing clinic sounds right up your alley, then this position might be an awesome fit for you!
Here is a little more about the position directly from the clinic owner:
  • Full-time or Part-time PT
  • Clinic has grown exponentially over the past few years
  • Competitive Pay with escalating earnings as the company continues to grow
  • Clinic prides itself in innovative, progressive concepts
  • Energetic, fun environment with friendly conversation and jokes amongst both clients and employees
  • Mentorship by a team of therapists that will develop your skills quickly
  • Opportunity for additional earnings through selling private-training, membership packages, and other products
  • The Ideal Candidate has a positive, driven mindset and is a fun-spirited individual who will bring passion and work ethic to our clinic.
“We want someone with intentions of improving their skillset and their development as a human being.”
It doesn’t get better than that, guys!
We’d totally jump on this one, but we don’t have a CA license, AND we still have the travel bug (this is a perm job).
If this is for you, contact us at, and I will be happy to connect you ASAP! A sweet resume ( and cover letter would be a good idea too-  I’m sure he will get a lot of interested candidates, so be sure to stand out! 😉
I just wanted to share this awesome opportunity, in case you were interested- Reach out here and let us know.
And please share if you know of anyone else who might be interested as well!