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To all my entrepreneurial- spirited PTs~

Despite the slow down in the job market, it seems like amazing opportunity after opportunity are brought to my attention, so yet again, I wanted to share this with you and my WanderlustPTs network, in case you are interested or could share it with someone who might be…

If you have ever considered owning your own clinic, I have THE OPPORTUNITY for you-

A clinic owner in Colorado is ready to retire from clinic ownership and sell his turn-key, ready-to-rock clinic that already has patients base, referral sources, insurance contracts, outsourced billing, a receptionist, and a clinic with all the equipment you need.

It’s just waiting for the right PT (or PT team) to step into it, plant roots, and make it their own.

In its prime, the clinic was generating up to $50,000 gross per MONTH.

And now, the owner is ready to pass the torch for less than you can buy a home for, and he is willing to be flexible and assist with the financing over time.

So if owning a clinic is on your “to do” list, but if your subconscious’ self-talk sounds more like imposter syndrome or …

“You don’t know how to run a clinic and deal with billing or marketing…”

…It’s time to kick those nasty thoughts and SERIOUSLY consider this opportunity because-



In addition to all of the tangibles of the clinic (the building location, patients base, and equipment), the purchase of this clinic comes with:

– Mentorship: Coaching and mentorship throughout the transition process from the current owner (who has a PhD in Business Administration with an emphasis in healthcare administration)

– Marketing: Training in effective marketing techniques and strategies, client relations, as well as the “how tos” of organizing, planning, and conducting marketing events.

– Advertising with website, social media, and SEO management and design services for branded marketing materials.

– Business and operations guidance and training programs for improved patient compliance and EMR use.

– Billing and Collections Services including credentialing, insurance contract negotiations, Medicare and HIPAA compliance, and regulation updates.

– Employee Management (if/when you decide to hire more staff) with state and federal compliance policies, as well as procedure manuals, human resource support, and management systems


Consider it, handed over on a silver platter.

So, there’s no reinventing the wheel or making expensive mistakes, and this way, you can concentrate on what you do best, serving your patients.




In addition to serving the typical outpatient ortho and neuro population, the clinic currently also has a patient base for and provides:

– pelvic floor services
– concussion and balance testing
– dry needling
– videonystagmography (VNG) testing
– personal training, fitness, and wellness services



– A therapist who is motivated to be their own boss and isn’t afraid to put in the work to build a business.

– A therapist that is willing to build relationships with patients and establish themself in a tight-nit community, 2 hours outside of Denver, CO.

– A therapist who is willing to embrace direct access, autonomy, and dictate how they want to treat patients.

– A therapist who wants support through the transition and a proven business model that works.



If this sounds like you and you are interested in learning more, email or contact me, and let me know!