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  • What is Travel Therapy?

    Travel therapy is when an understaffed facility seeks assistance from a contracting company to staff PTs, OTs, SLPs, PTAs, and COTAs to fill a  temporary need.  The facility may be understaffed due to maternity or military leave, seasonal shifts in population, or unable to find permenant staff, just to name a few.

  • BENEFITS: What are the benefits of traveling therapy?

    • New places and cultures: It gives you a new perspective on your new place, but also on your home.
    • New friends: We have met some of our best friends traveling.
    • New experiences: Learn new hobbies with your new friends: rock climbing, yoga, mountain biking.
    • Financial benefits: In some cases, travel therapist salaries are nearly double that of a permanent employee.
    • More time: You decide when to work and when to play (take time-off). A flexible schedule between contracts means you call the shots! Road trip?!
    • Clinical experience: Gain experience in multiple settings and learn skills from working with multiple clinicians.
    • Personal growth: Growth begins at the end of your comfort zone.

  • GET STARTED: Where should I start if I would like to pursue a career in traveling therapy?

    We wrote a guide to specifically address this question- get exclusive access to the guide here.

  • JOB SEARCH: Do I get to pick where I want to go? How do I get a job?

    Yes! Where and when you go are completely up to you- Here is how it plays out:

    1. You speak to a trusted recruiter about your prospective locations and settings: the more open you are to place and setting, the more opportunities you will have.
    2. The recruiter gives you options of current job openings of facilities that they staff that fit your criteria.
    3. You approve submission of your application to the job openings of your choice.
    4. If the facility is interested in your resume and application, they will reach out to the recruiting company to set up an interview time that works for both of you.
    5. The facility calls at set interview time and you interview. You interview the facility as much as they interview you to make sure it’s a good fit.
    6. If you like the job, you let your recruiter know that you accept the position and sign contracts.

  • MENTORSHIP: Will I have mentorship as a new grad traveling therapist?

    Your concern is real, my friend.

    Check out our latest blog post on mentorship that addresses this question!

  • NEW GRADS: Is travel therapy good for new grads?

    We have heard this concern multiple times from new grads: Is travel therapy good for new grads?

    • Keep in mind, 80-90% of travel jobs are the same job openings for permanent employees that cannot find the staff. Only a small portion is for short-term maternity, medical, and military leave.
    • By asking the right questions at the interview, you can determine if the opportunity will be a good fit for a new grad and what support staff, mentorship, and orientation is available. You have to know what questions to ask and what the answers mean – this is where you contact us and ask!

  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Does travel therapy provide me with professional development and growth?

    By experiencing multiple job opportunities, you learn new skills at each, from new clinicians, new EMR, new processes, new settings, etc.

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What New Grads are Saying…

“You’re like a Jedi Master, and I’m just over here trying to figure out how to turn on the damn lightsaber.”

Travis, PT, DPT - Traveling Physical Therapist

I would absolutely recommend for anyone who is looking into travel to contact Gabe and Jess.  They provided so much information and guidance in terms of what to expect as a traveler from choosing a recruiter, negotiating a contract, to planning your next adventure.  They are a great resource!

Martin, PT, DPT, CSCS - New Grad Traveling Physical Therapist

“I had the pleasure of meeting Jess and Gabe at a national conference this year, and it was impossible to ignore the passion the two of them possess for this field and their genuine desire to assist others in achieving their travel goals as well.”

Monica H, PT, DPT - New Grad Traveling Physical Therapist