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“Jess and Gabe have served as invaluable mentors to me throughout my travel experience. There is no one out there as qualified as this duo is to provide mentorship to those looking to start a travel therapy career. “


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WanderlustPTs’ Travel Therapy Course & Mentorship Program

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“There isn’t a class in PT school about how to be a travel therapist. So for anyone that is interested in going this route with their career, this course will make a massive difference, and I wholeheartedly believe it will help people find better opportunities, enjoy traveling more, and debunk a lot of the myths out there about traveling. This course has the potential to open up travel therapy to so many therapists and help them actually SUCCEED and do so independently. I have already recommended this program to others.”

Kris, SPT - May 2018 Graduate
Take this class!! Even if you think you won’t need it or that you can get the information elsewhere, this class had an amazing set-up that really guided me through the whole process of becoming a traveling therapist. I don’t know how students go into traveling therapy without this course! I am very thankful and relieved that I’m able to have this course to guide me!”

Bailey, SPT - May 2018 Graduate
“This online course was the BEST online course that I have taken, by far (and I have taken many). The small class size allows for a more intimate session with Jess and Gabe. The lessons were organized, with an incredible amount of resources, all to help get you started on the journey to become a traveling therapist.”

Dylan, SPT - May 2018 Graduate
“My biggest concern is being a new grad and being thrown into a complicated world of travel therapy. This program has given me the knowledge and confidence to succeed as a new grad traveler. I feel so much more prepared to attack traveling head on. Beyond the lessons, the handouts and worksheets alone are worth it.

Cheyenne, SPT - December 2018 Graduate
“I was nervous to sign up for the class because I was still in early stages of committing to traveling. Before finding the class, I remember telling a friend ‘I would travel if someone gave me a check list of the do’s/don’ts and told me what is a reasonable expectation.’ This class provided that and more. This class has given me the confidence to truly commit to traveling, and I am more excited than nervous! I would absolutely regret NOT taking advantage of this course. ”

Sarah, SPT - May 2018 Graduate
I wish I had this information before my boards! I would have been better prepared to face the process of traveling therapy. As a result of this program, I definitely avoided making mistakes that I otherwise would have overlooked.”

Mariel, PT, DPT - New Grad Traveling Physical Therapist

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It’s important to speak with a recruiter who you know you can trust that is recommended from travelers who have a few years of experience. There are a lot of companies and recruiters out there and different ways they could take advantage of you; we have heard of some unfortunate circumstances. That is why we help to connect you with those who we know and trust.

With 7 years of experience, working with 8 different companies, we know what to look for in a company and a recruiter. We are familiar with many recruiters and companies, and we can help connect you with our top recruiters.

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“Jess has been hands down the most valuable resource throughout the process of finding the right travel job as a new grad. “


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“Jess and Gabe have a strong understanding about all the intricacies of traveling physical therapy and will help you avoid any pitfalls that new graduates are likely to encounter. They are easily accessible and are excellent mentors for any novice in traveling physical therapy.”


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