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I was naïve. I just assumed. I regret not knowing.”

She showed up to an assignment, and there was no orientation, 90% productivity, & she was the only PT.

“I thought it was me; I couldn’t understand why I was unable to fulfill their expectations.” 

She drove 160 miles in one day AND saw 6 evaluations.

“We drove halfway across the country & signed a lease only to find out the day before our contract starts that they did not need us anymore!” 

As a mentors to new travelers, these are the very words we hear VERBATIM all too often from new travelers who DID NOT reach out before their first assignment.

Thus, a heartfelt plea from me to you, as a new traveling therapist:

PLEASE don’t let this be you- My goal is to keep you from ever uttering anything similar to those lines…

Travel therapy is an incredible opportunity, but in order to do it right, you MUST EDUCATE YOURSELF about all of the intricacies of traveling therapy before you start.

You went to school for over 6 years. You invested your time and money into this career.

You owe it to yourself to EDUCATE YOURSELF, before you begin in order to enjoy it to the fullest and avoid pitfalls like these.

Click Here to join me in the FREE WEBINAR to kick off your travel career.

Or at the very least, REACH OUT. Seriously.




Travel Therapy Mentorship.

Be supported throughout the interview process, learn what questions to ask, and chat with us before your interview in order to set yourself up for success as a new grad traveling therapist by signing up for the Travel Therapy Course and Mentorship Program HERE.

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