You know that list of things you want to do, achieve, see?

Write it down!

Make a list of your goals: professional, financial, fitness, continuing education, places to visit, things to do, etc, and put it on paper. Dream big! By writing these down, it helps to manifest them, and you are more likely to achieve them.

You are 40% more likely to achieve those goals if you just write them down, according to Dr. Gail Matthews at Dominican University and this research study.

I can assure you that this works!  We started our list on New Year’s Eve 2010, and we have been adding to it ever since. Upon reviewing it, we realized that we had almost fulfilled all of the things that we set out to do over the past six years!

I challenge you all to start your list now. Right now. Pick up a pen and paper, and DREAM BIG. No, DREAM BIGGER.