Now that you are in a new area, what is the best way to explore it?

Ask the locals!

We always find fun things to do or explore, hikes, or adventures, thanks to recommendations from the locals, and in our case, the patients! Take advantage of the fact that you get to talk to new people all day long, and get their recommendations on things to see in the area!


Just this past weekend, we went kayaking with manatees only 40 minutes from our house! I never would have known about this, if I did not inquire with my patients about things to do in the area! It was amazing!




Also, when in NC, a patient recommended visiting a small town called Abingdon, VA, and take a 34-mile bike ride down a mountain! It was beautiful and only a few hours from where we lived!  We also enjoyed a live production at one of the oldest theatres in the US located right in Abingdon!