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Here’s what MOST new travelers don’t know.


  • How do you interview for jobs as a travel PT?
  • How does the interview process work?
  • How do you interview as a travel therapist?
  • What is the interview process like for a travel PT?


After about 100 of interviews as a travel PT, here are a few things that MOST new travelers don’t know.

Secret 1: The interview is the key to success as a traveler

It’s important to ask the right questions during the interview as well as understanding what the answers mean are key to determining if the job is the right fit for you.
Specifically, questions about mentorship, productivity, ramp-up time, patient population, etc. and orientation are important to establish expectations of what the training process and job will be like, before showing up on the first day. Why? This leads me to my next tip.


Secret 2: Not all jobs are appropriate for new grads

Keep in mind, 80% of travel jobs are permanent jobs seeking permanent staff, but they cannot find them quick enough or orient them quick enough, so they resort to using travel staff for the interim until they can hire perm staff. So, these are the same jobs you could be applying for as perm staff if you wanted to relocate to the area.
The other 20% of positions are indeed only short-term due to maternity leave, military leave, medical leave, or seasonal shifts in population.


Secret 3: Interview with someone clinical who works in the same building.

I encourage you to interview with somebody who is clinical and actually works in the building that you will be working at. Too often I have read about times where
therapists have interviewed with people who did not work in the same building and receive the wrong information about their job or they would show up on day one and
nobody even knew that they were coming. So, do request a second interview with someone in the building if your first interview was with the facility manager or
somebody non-clinical.


Secret 4: You interview them as much as they interview you.

If the company is interested, they will set up a phone interview, or they may just call you directly. Be sure to Interview the facility as much as they interview you. It is up to you to determine if the job is the right fit for you, so you want to be sure to cover all the bases and leave no rock unturned. Ask ALL of your questions. You do not accept or decline the job on the interview. The facility will notify the recruiting company after the interview whether you get the job. Just because you interview, does not mean you have to accept the job.


What questions should you ask on the interview?

Click below to download the 10 MUST-Ask Interview Questions to make sure you find the right job for you!