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I was honored to be invited as a guest on JT Moore’s Business of PT Podcast. Here I share my journey of becoming a travel physical therapist and how I am helping others do the same!

I am on a mission to help PTs share their passion for travel therapy travel therapy, online business, telehealth, and other unconventional PT careers, so she created WanderlustPTs, a blog that offers resources and a community for aspiring traveling physical therapists. Since its inception, I have had the privilege of mentoring thousands of new grads, helping them achieve their goal of becoming confident traveling physical therapists. I have had the privilege of being a featured speaker at the APTA’s National Student Conclave, APTA’s Student Assembly Podcast, and APTA’s PT in Motion magazine, and dozens of colleges and universities nationwide. In 2020 when the pandemic hit and many PTs lost their jobs, I pivoted my focus to helping clinicians start their own cash-based businesses, and has since helped over 70 PTs start and grow their own cash-based online businesses and telehealth clinics.

We discuss the lessons I have learned becoming a travel therapist and starting an online business. Tune-in to listen to my story and learn about how you can also become a traveling physical therapist!

“Pick [your mentors] wisely and help them to empower you, lift you up, and push you in the direction of your dreams…”
~Jess Jenney


In This Episode:

  • How I got started in online business
  • The pros & cons of travel physical therapy
  • Why new grads should become travel physical therapists
  • The most important lessons I’ve learned in my career
  • How to become a travel therapist



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