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I was honored to be invited as a guest on Deb Cummin Stellato’s Think Courageously Podcast, about courageous women who pivot in their careers. Here I share my journey of how I pivoted multiple times in my career as a physical therapist, especially during COVID!

As an overworked and underpaid physical therapist, burnout was my lifestyle, until I decided to PIVOT and become a traveling physical therapist in 2010. This pivot has been able to give me financial freedom, career opportunities, and the ability to explore! Then in 2016, I pivoted again and created my business, WanderlustPTs. Since then, I have mentored thousands of aspiring traveling physical therapists. My goal is to help physical therapists build a career and a life they love!

I share my story on blazing my path to pursue a career in travel physical therapy. Tune-in to listen to my experience taking a road less traveled!

“If somebody has not been where you want to go or does not have the same vision as you, take their advice with a grain of salt.”
~Jess Jenney

In This Episode:

  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone
  • Making untraditional pivots to achieve your goals
  • Being confident while ignoring judgement from others
  • Finding a like-minded community to grow with
  • HarnessingĀ  your future by traveling the road less traveled



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