Becoming traveling physical therapists was the best decision we have ever made. Travel therapy has allowed us to experience things that we never could have imagined. We have made new friends, new hobbies, and a way of life that is fulfilling. The opportunities are endless, both personal and professional!
We want to share our passion for travel therapy with you and give you a look into a day in the life of a travel therapist!  That is why we have created this website…
Over these past 8 years, we have learned valuable information about the ins and outs of travel therapy and would like to share it with you, to make your processes easier. It’s always easier to learn from those who have “traveled” before you. Please consider us mentors this process and to learn more about travel. We welcome all question, and chances are, many others have the same question; we can help you with many topics such as interview questions, licensing, CEUs, contracts, housing, choosing assignments, etc… Just ask!
If you are interested in signing up for Traveling Therapy Course and Mentorship Program, JOIN HERE .