• Perfect your Resume

    An organized, well-formatted resume is important, as it is your first impression and your first step toward your career as a traveling therapist.


Because there may be multiple applicants to the same job you are applying to, it is important that you stand out from the crowd and create a resume that not only has relevant content but also is clean and easy to read. Your resume is what will determine if you land you a phone interview before the other candidates.


Here are a few tips for creating a well-formatted travel therapist resume:

  • Try to fit it all on one page- Increase the margins of the paper, if needed.
  • Include at least 3 current professional/ clinical references on the second page
  • No bullet points (maybe this is just a personal preference)
  • Use indentations, bold, and italic to create organization and to make it easier to read.
  • Take out any unrelated work experience and community involvement
  • When describing your affiliations, write about what types of patient populations, diagnosis, and skill sets you learned that will make you stand out from others.
  • Take out the in-services and professional development, but highlight these during an interview, if applicable.
  • Line all dates up and use the same date format

Get Resume Help

Here’s an example resume for reference. We truly believe the organization and readability is as important as the content. If you want your resume to look as good as the example, or need help making it look organized and authentic, reach out.