Dreaming of a Road Trip?

You know that road trip you always dreamed of?-  That dream of the open road and a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants mentality. The dream to see all most the places on your bucket list, just because you haven’t been there yet?
That was our dream for two years.
We kept putting it off, finding excuses, trying to find “the right time.” Well, when we finally got our shit together and stopped making excuses, all we heard from friends, family, and patients was
“There is no better time.”
Remember that. For everything.
Our flexible work schedule and ability to take time-off as travelers allowed us to take this trip of a lifetime!
We took an 8 week road trip from Denver, CO to Southern California to Vancouver, BC then back to Denver. We traveled over 7,000 miles and visited 12 National Parks. The trip was priceless (despite a few stolen belongings in San Francisco), and I recommend for anyone who has the same dream, DO IT.  Our growth, both personally and as a couple, was accelerated during this time.
Behind choosing travel therapy as a career, this is the second best thing we ever did.
View a video of our trip above and follow us on Instagram to see all the adventures-  @wanderlustpts!
And incase you are wondering, ROADTRIP 2.0 is coming September 2017. This time in Mumford, our camper van conversion that we are currently attempting to build very slowly.