How to Live Without Regret

To us, the New Year represents opportunity for change, for starting over, for setting goals.
But within weeks, sometimes months of the new year, our enthusiasm for change loses steam.
And as the enthusiasm fades, a feeling of regret can replace it with thoughts like

I wish I would have..
I wish I could have..
Why didn’t I…
The feeling of regret is inevitable (despite the title of this post).
But regret is NOT a bad thing.
In this (highly recommended) book, Your Best Year Ever, Hyatt explains that regret is your body’s way of showing you opportunity.
He points to a research study that shows, regret is strongest when opportunity to change your circumstances is the greatest.
So in 2019, reflect on what you regret or proactively peek into the future and decide what you don’t want to regret, and do something about it NOW.
Use this regret as an opportunity for change.
I wish I would have traveled more or spent more time with family,” are voiced regrets we often hear from our geriatric patient population-
[NOTE: Nobody says they wish they would’ve worked more.]
So, we took the hint.
And that is why we take time to ourselves every year to re-boot and do what we love-
For the past 3 years, we were fortunate enough to take a 2-month road trip vacation. We are so grateful that our travel therapy lifestyle allows for us to take time-off when we want and to work when we want. Our most recent trip took us over 10,000 miles cross country in our homemade campervan, Mumford.
Here’s a peak of a video of our 2018 adventure we made with the help of our drone, the Mavic Pro, if you need some entertainment. 👆
Bloopers and all.
Best wishes in the New Year, Friends!


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