What’s one of the first questions you ask a potential employer at career fair?
“How many patients a day do I see?” or “What are your productivity requirements?”
Am I right?  
And yet, what’s the NUMBER 1 thing majority of new grads PTs are looking for in their first job out of school?
Do you see the disconnect there?
Even though we know what we are looking for once out of school, a lot of us feel like the productivity piece is being weighed more heavily…
Because in some places, it is.
But in your first job, you dream of being supported by a structured mentorship program guided by 4 other seasoned clinicians with a plethora of orthopedic experiences and an array of certifications and skills:
  • OCS
  • MDT
  • dry needling
  • Graston
  • SFMA
You want to be taken under their wing to learn how to best express the value of PT effectively to your patients so that they believe, show-up, and get better faster.
You want to be incentivized for patient-first care, by doing what is best for the patient, providing excellent care and getting raving patient reviews, instead of the number of units billed.
You want a clinic that values CEUs and certifications so much that they foot the bill for all expenses, including the travel and hotel!
And after you get your feet wet, maybe you’d like to learn the business aspect of how to run a successful clinic in hopes that one day you may be a lead therapist or even a partner in the business.
Ultimately, you are looking for a place where you receive mentorship, feel like a family, grow and mature into the best clinician you can be, and are motivated by patient care, not corporate productivity.
If you are nodding your head along as you are reading this,
then contact us now, and tell us you want to be considered for this job experience-
Because this permanent job exists in a beautiful private practice outpatient orthopedic clinic in a sweet town in South Carolina…
And we can personally vouch for this clinic, the owner, and location because we worked there and would return in a heartbeat-
But we all know how Gabe and I can’t commit to anything other than each other for greater than 3 months at a time. 😉
This is an ideal job for a new grad or seasoned PT who is looking for ALL the things listed above…
(Seriously, we did not make it up, certifications and all)
Not to mention, it’s an ideal location for any outdoor enthusiast.
We value quality of care and what the patient needs over productivity, and we are looking for someone that wants mentorship and wants to mature and grow with the clinic.
So if having this support, a structured mentorship program, and growth excites you, and you want to be considered, let us know at info@wanderlustPTs.com, and we will connect you ASAP!
A sweet resume (wanderlustpts.com/resume) and cover letter would be a good idea too! I’m sure they will get a lot of interested candidates, so be sure to stand out on paper!  And if you need help with that, let me know!
And if you are interested, but haven’t graduated yet or don’t have a SC license? No problem- just let us know!
Or maybe you think this is a great opportunity, but you have an OT or PT spouse, partner, boyfriend/girlfriend that would need a job in the area too? – Teams/couples are being considered as well for this position.
We realize we are all about travel therapy, but we just wanted to share this awesome permanent opportunity, in case you or anyone you knew was interested.
Please share if you know of anyone else who might be interested as well!