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There is a difference between just surviving as a new traveling therapist and thriving as one.

We all hope for the latter where we can:

Gracefully interview with multiple facilities, have multiple job offers before deciding and finding the right fit for you in a fun area where you meet new best friends, learn new skills from your OCS, FAAOMPT co-workers, get introduced to hot yoga and rock climbing, visit 12 National Parks on your Bucket List, and pay-off your student loans in half of the time you anticipated.

It’s possible. I promise. (I did not make any of that up).

And as a member of the WanderlustPTs’ Tribe, “just surviving” is no longer an option for you.

Here’s 4 Things Successful Travelers Do:


My mantra: “The more open you are to location and setting, the more opportunities you will have.”

As a new grad, value a good job experience over location, setting, and pay. Being open to many regions and settings will maximize your opportunity to find the right fit for you as a new grad with the orientation and support you are looking for. If you are set on a certain location and/or setting you might find that job, but it may not be a good fit. Don’t set your sights on a certain location or setting, but instead be open to as much as you can. If you are set on finding an outpatient job in Denver, CO (so is everyone else), maybe it’s time to re-consider the travel gig.


You know what they say: “Assuming only makes an ASS out of U and ME.”

Ask questions. Detailed questions. Open- ended questions to the recruiter, the facility, your clinic director, to the housing options. Leave no rock unturned, don’t make assumptions, and most importantly: understand what the answers actually mean. Enter you name and email below to get a free download of our “10 Must- Ask Questions to Find the Right Job for You.”


“…but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.”

This is the nature of the business. It is typical, expected even, that you are working with more than one company during the job search. This will increase your options during the job search and even give opportunities for negotiation.  The important part is that you are appreciative and mindful of the recruiter’s time; there is etiquette that you must follow when working with multiple companies. And NOTE: I recommend working with 2-3 companies, (not 5). So, how do you find 2 kick-ass recruiters to work with that you know you can trust? CLICK HERE.


The key to success as a new traveler is having unbiased, accurate information and mentorship.

Good news! I’ve got your back! I am here for you! As a member of the Tribe, I am honored to guide you through the journey. Consider me your mentor; I am happy to help you guys love this travel life as much as I do! If you want to dive in deeper 1-on-1 and learn EVERYTHING from A to Z you could possibly need to be successful as a new traveler, CLICK HERE.



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