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Hey there! Dr. Jess here!

I help Physical Therapists

Confidently Become

Travel Therapists.

even as new grads, without the overwhelm
and fear of being taken-advantage-of

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The Travel Therapist’s Checklist & Timeline

Get the essential checklist and timeline needed to go from new grad to confident travel therapist.


Connect with my Recommended Recruiters

Get connected with the recruiters that I know and trust with my career and paycheck. 


The 10 Must- Ask PT Job Interview Questions

Know exactly what to ask in an interview to find the right job for you, whether travel or perm. 



Travel Therapy 101: Make Travel Your Therapy

How to gain your freedom, travel the country, and grow clinically (yes, even as a new grad)

Join me for to learn how to get started as a travel physical therapist and…

  • The biggest keys to travel therapy success and confidence.
  • How to pay-off $133,000 in student loan debt in 14 months.
  • How to find the right job for you with mentorship.
  • What you should be doing now, even before you graduate.
  • 3 False Beliefs that might keep you from living your dreams.
  • How to make TWICE as much $$$$ as a perm employee in the EXACT same job.
I believe...

Design a Career Around a Lifestyle You Love.

instead of building a life around your job.

Through a top-ranked, travel physical therapy blog, WanderlustPTs, a best-selling online travel therapy course (Ready, Set, Travel), thriving email list, Facebook community, and popular travel therapy webinar, Jess inspires a grounded, self-affirming sense of “Wow! I really can do this” for over 4,500 aspiring traveling therapists.

She proves that by having accurate, unbiased, step-by-step information, & travel therapy mentorship, even the newest physical therapy graduates can bypass overwhelm and self-doubt, avoid pitfalls of travel therapy and move closer to building a life and career they love.

Recognized on a national level by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) as a speaker at APTA’s National Student Conclave, the Student Assembly Podcast, and featured in APTA’s PT in Motion Magazine, Jess is on a mission to share her passion for travel therapy and educate aspiring traveling therapists about this unique career path and lifestyle. 


I went from not knowing what the hell I was doing as a travel therapist to being totally in the driver’s seat!

Kris, PT, DPTNew Grad Travel PT

You’re like a Jedi Master for travel therapy, and I’m just over here trying to figure out how to turn on the damn lightsaber.

Travis, PT, DPTTraveling Physical Therapist

After being travel therapists for 14 months, we’ve paid off $133,000 in student loan debt! Jess has helped us every step of the way.

Geena, PT, DPTTravel PT Team

The Top-Ranked, Traveling Physical Therapy Blog

Providing invaluable insights, actionable how-tos, and first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a travel PT, the WanderlustPTs blog is guaranteed to educate and entertain.


Travel Therapy Blog Posts

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The Ultimate Online Course and Mentorship Program for the New Travel Therapist 

Are you more of a “show me how it’s done and save me time and headaches” kind of person?

Yea. Me too.

In this online course and mentorship program, I hold your hand and walk you through step-by-step everything you need to know and do to become a successful, confident, and empowered traveling physical therapist (even as a new grad) without overwhelm or the fear of being taken advantage of.