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What New Grads are Saying About Us…

  • As a result of speaking with Jess & Gabe before and during my interview process, [...] I was able to secure a great contract and negotiate better pay than I would have ever guessed for my first contract.
    Martin, PT, DPT, CSCS
    New Grad Traveling Physical Therapist
  • "Jess and Gabe have served as invaluable mentors to me throughout my travel therapy experience[...] There is no one out there as qualified as this duo is to provide mentorship to those looking to start a travel therapy career."
    Monica H, PT, DPT
    New Grad Traveling Physical Therapist
  • "Jess has been hands down the most valuable resource throughout the process of finding the right travel job as a new grad."
    Abby F, OTR
    New Grad Occupational Therapist
  • "They could write a voluminous book on Travel P.T. [...] If you want selfless and sound advice on Travel PT, these are the people to talk to."
    Stephen A, PT, DPT
    Physical Therapist
  • "Gabe and Jess have been an amazing asset to my boyfriend and me. They have taught us the in and outs of travel and how to manage travel as a new grad as well as being part of a travel team."
    Amanda B, PT, DPT
    Traveling Physical Therapist
  • "Jessica has been there to reinforce my thoughts and coach me through negotiations and difficult conversations."
    Cassandra S, PT, DPT
    Traveling Physical Therapist

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