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But frankly, it’s a little overwhelming if you don’t know where to start, isn’t it?
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WanderlustPTs was created for people just like you.

People with passion. People with drive.
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And most of all, people who want freedom: freedom of time, freedom of location, and financial freedom.

Hey There!

We’re traveling physical therapists living life to the fullest who teach you how to do it too!

~Jess & Gabe

Traveling PTs since 2010


Join Jess & Gabe to learn the 8 step process to finding the right job for you with the mentorship you want, 5 tips to thrive as a new traveling therapist, and 4 tips to prepare for your career as a traveler (even before you graduate).


/ˈwändərˌləst pti/


A physical therapist with a strong desire to travel and explore. 

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What New Grads are Saying About Us…

  • "You're like a Jedi Master, and I'm just over here trying to figure out how to turn on the damn lightsaber."
    Travis, PT, DPT
    Traveling Physical Therapist
  • "After traveling for 10 months, we've paid off $70,000 in student loan debt! Jess and Gabe have helped us every step of the way."
    Geena, PT, DPT
    Travel PT x 10 months, PT x 3 years
  • As a result of speaking with Jess & Gabe before and during my interview process, [...] I was able to secure a great contract and negotiate better pay than I would have ever guessed for my first contract.
    Martin, PT, DPT, CSCS
    New Grad Traveling Physical Therapist
  • "Jess and Gabe have served as invaluable mentors to me throughout my travel therapy experience[...] There is no one out there as qualified as this duo is to provide mentorship to those looking to start a travel therapy career."
    Monica H, PT, DPT
    New Grad Traveling Physical Therapist
  • "Jess has been hands down the most valuable resource throughout the process of finding the right travel job as a new grad."
    Abby F, OTR
    New Grad Occupational Therapist
  • "They could write a voluminous book on Travel P.T. [...] If you want selfless and sound advice on Travel PT, these are the people to talk to."
    Stephen A, PT, DPT
    Physical Therapist
  • "Gabe and Jess have been an amazing asset to my boyfriend and me. They have taught us the in and outs of travel and how to manage travel as a new grad as well as being part of a travel team."
    Amanda B, PT, DPT
    Traveling Physical Therapist
  • "Jessica has been there to reinforce my thoughts and coach me through negotiations and difficult conversations."
    Cassandra S, PT, DPT
    Traveling Physical Therapist

Hi There! Jess and Gabe here-

We are traveling physical therapists just “livin’ the dream” and can teach you how to do it too…

As new grad traveling therapists, we feared loneliness, failure, vulnerability, and the unknown.  We did not know where or how to start, and helpful information about traveling physical therapy was hard to find.

We learned from our experiences.

However, we heard the benefits of travel PT outweighed the cons. So, despite our fears and lack of guidance initially, we set out on our travel therapy journey shortly after graduation. As ones who did not have mentors initially, we learned from our mistakes experiences. But over these past 8 years, we have learned valuable information about the ins and outs of travel therapy. And it is because of this that we want to pass on all that we have learned to you and help you to navigate the challenges of travel therapy and avoid pitfalls.  

We want to share everything we have learned with you.

Becoming travel therapist was the best decision we’ve ever made. In addition to new experiences, friends, hobbies, professional and personal growth, financial stability, and more time-off, travel therapy has created a way of life that is beyond fulfilling. We LOVE what we do and the LIFESTYLE we have created, and we are excited to help you achieve it too! That is why we established WanderlustPTs and this traveling therapy blog! 

Until our path cross…
Jess and Gabe Renzi


Share our passion
of travel therapy.

Mentor others
new to travel therapy.

Educate new grads
about travel careers.

Grow as clinicians
and as professionals.

Embrace change
and welcome the unknown.

Strive for balance
between work and play.