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I help new grad physical therapists confidently become successful traveling therapists.

(without the overwhelm, fear of being taken-advantage-of, and what-do-I-do-next syndrome)


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“I went from not knowing what the hell I was doing to being totally in the driver’s seat!”

Kris, PT, DPT
“You’re like a Jedi Master, and I’m just over here trying to figure out how to turn on the damn lightsaber.”

Travis, PT, DPT - Traveling Physical Therapist
“After traveling for 14 months, we’ve paid off $133,000 in student loan debt! Jess has helped us every step of the way.”

Geena, PT, DPT - Travel PT Team
As a result of speaking with Jess before and during my interview process, […] I was able to secure a great contract and negotiate better pay than I would have ever guessed for my first contract.

Martin, PT, DPT, CSCS - New Grad Traveling Physical Therapist
“Jess has served as an invaluable mentor to me throughout my travel therapy experience[…] There is no one out there as qualified to provide mentorship to those looking to start a travel therapy career.”

Monica H, PT, DPT - New Grad Traveling Physical Therapist
“Jess has been hands down the most valuable resource throughout the process of finding the right travel job as a new grad.”

Abby F, OTR - New Grad Occupational Therapist
“They could write a voluminous book on Travel P.T. […] If you want selfless and sound advice on Travel PT, these are the people to talk to.”

Stephen A, PT, DPT - Physical Therapist
“Jess has been an amazing asset to my boyfriend and me. She has taught us the in and outs of travel and how to manage travel as a new grad as well as being part of a travel team.”

Amanda B, PT, DPT - Traveling Physical Therapist
“Jess was there to coach me through negotiations and difficult conversations.”

Cassandra S, PT, DPT - Traveling Physical Therapist

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/ˈwändərˌləst pti/


A therapist with a strong desire to travel and explore. 

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Through a top-ranked, travel physical therapy blog, WanderlustPTs, a best-selling online travel therapy course (Ready, Set, Travel), thriving email list, Facebook community, and popular travel therapy webinar, Jess inspires a grounded, self-affirming sense of “Wow! I really can do this” for over 2,500 aspiring traveling therapists.
She proves that by having accurate, unbiased, step-by-step information, & travel therapy mentorship, even the newest physical therapy graduates can bypass overwhelm and self-doubt, avoid pitfalls of travel therapy and move closer to building a life and career they love.
Recognized on a national level by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) as a speaker at APTA’s National Student Conclave, the Student Assembly Podcast, and featured in APTA’s PT in Motion Magazine, Jess is on a mission to share her passion for travel therapy and educate aspiring traveling therapists about this unique career path and lifestyle. 
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– The biggest key to travel therapy success and confidence.
– How to pay-off $133,000 in student loan debt in 14 months.
– The 7 step process to finding the right travel job for you.
– What you should be doing now, even before you graduate.

The Top-Ranked, Traveling Physical Therapy Blog

Providing invaluable insights, actionable how-tos, and first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a travel PT, the WanderlustPTs blog is guaranteed to educate and entertain.


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 Join the WanderlustPTs Tribe of 2,934 other aspiring traveling therapists and thrive with mentorship, tools, and tips delivered straight to your inbox as you embark on your journey.