Get Our Recommended Recruiters

A good recruiter and good company can make a world of difference-  Because a recruiter and company could make or break your experience as a traveler.
There are a lot of companies and recruiters out there and different ways they could take advantage of you; we have heard of some unfortunate circumstances. Or in some cases, the recruiters don’t mean to lead you astray, but because they are new to the business, their ignorance may put you in a compromised situation. We hear of these situations too often.
That’s why it is important to speak with a recruiter who is recommended from experienced travelers (and I don’t mean your friend who just started traveling last year)- Not just any recruiter or any company that you find on the internet, at a conference, or at your school’s career fair. **They are not all created equal. ** 
With over 8 years of experience, working with 10+ different companies and mentoring hundreds of new grads, we know what to look for in a company and a recruiter, the good and the bad. We are familiar with many recruiters and companies. This is why we help to connect you with those recruiters who we know, trust, and personally work with.
To be connected with 2 of our trusted recruiters, fill out the contact information and include any questions or comments, and we will get back to you shortly!
Make it easy on yourself, and go with a recruiter who you already knows meets all of our criteria, and that way you won’t have to wonder if they (or the company) is good or not. 

“My main concern was finding the right agency since there are so many options, and it’s overwhelming. As a result of speaking with Jess and being connected with their recommended recruiters, I found the agency I wanted to work with and began my first assignment shortly after.”


New Grad Traveling Therapist

Our Recommended Recruiters Are…

  1. Available outside of “work hours” (not many recruiters are)- Not that you will bug them outside of work hours for non- urgent matters, but if you need them, they will be there for you.
  2. Honest about the market and will tell you the truth about if your plan is doable or reasonable.
  3. Communicative (via email, text, phone, snapchat, or whatever your preferred method of contact). 
  4. Supportive and Respectful of our goals. They are not pushy.
  5. Organized and Efficient. They gets stuff done quickly and knows what we are looking for.
  6. Advocates for their travelers. It’s easy to find a job and get a contract signed. But when $h*# hits the fan, what does your recruiter and company do for you?  That’s when true colors come out. 
  7. Reasonable. Their contracts are reasonable.  We approve and are comfortable signing. (You should read some of the fine print in some of the other companies’ contracts out there- I don’t know about you, but I like my kidneys). 😉
  8. Abiding by guidelines. The governments sets certain guidelines for pay and some companies and recruiters still educate their travelers wrong or don’t educate at all about this.
  9. Successful at placing teams– If you plan to travel with someone else, you want to make sure your recruiter knows how to place two people in the same location or a “team.”
  10. Supportive of you working with more than one recruiter and company– It’s in your best interest to work with more than 1 recruiting company, and they understand that.


“I would tell any new traveler to really be picky when it comes to recruiters.  Always go with a Recommended Recruiter…”


New Grad Traveling Therapist