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I was honored to be a guest on Aaron LeBauer’s CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast where I discuss travel therapy job secrets and so much more!

So if you love to travel to see new places, learn new cultures, meet new people, and boost your portfolio of life experiences, this podcast is for you. Traveling therapy can also lead you to the career path and work opportunities you could have never found had you stuck it out in one place. Jess Jenney is a living testament to this experience. This traveling physical therapist shares the ins and outs of travel therapy, telehealth, generating email lists, and blogging. If you’re a new grad and you’re wondering what options are available out there, you’re in for a surprise! The patients are plenty, and they are out there, waiting for you. Tune-in and learn more about travel therapy and other opportunities as a new grad!

“I help people work on their mindset and design a career around the lifestyle they want.”
~Jess Jenney

In This Episode:

  • Valuable lessons you will only realize IF you go out of your comfort zone
  • How to be a pro in travel PT even when you’re a new grad
  • Not taking action because you don’t know what to do versus not taking action while knowing what you need to do – which route are you on
  • How to create irresistible lead magnets that will boost your email list
  • The golden question that converts a lead to a real client, hook, line, and sinker
  • The concept of a hundred thousand followers versus a thousand true fans


To learn more about travel therapy, check out the free webinar here:


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