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I was honored to be invited as a guest on Aaron LeBauer’s CashPT Lunch Hour Podcast where I discuss growth hacks to help online business owners thrive!

I am on a mission to help PTs avoid burnout and design a career around a lifestyle they love through travel therapy, online business, cash-based PT, and gold-standard jobs. Currently, I work remotely in my online business 2 to 3 days a week helping other physical therapists become travel PTs and find jobs they love. I consider myself a career and business coach for physical therapists, and I have been able to create time freedom for myself through my business, WanderlustPTs where I teach therapists about travel therapy, cash-based physical therapy, and online businesses.

We discuss the lessons I have learned and how to create success. Tune-in and learn about how I’ve taken control of my business and life, and how you can do the same too!

“I help people work on their mindset and design a career around the lifestyle they want.”
~Jess Jenney

In This Episode:

  • Insight on Travel Therapy as a career possibility
  • How to venture into the world of online business
  • Online course creation to start or expand your online business
  • The important topic of avoiding burnout and to better take care of yourself
  • How to go about hiring an assistant
  • Growing a business around YOUR lifestyle


To learn more about online course creation, download The Therapist’s Course Creation Handbook HERE.


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