What if your boss said to you:
  • “If you want to take a month-off, just let me know and we’ll schedule accordingly…”
  • “I close for 2 months at a time so I can travel the world…”
  • “Schedule week to week, in case you have a good snow day and want to take a day off to ski… “
These are the EXACT words that came out of the mouth of one of my highly-admired colleagues that is hiring for BOTH her East and West Coast cash- based PT clinics. 
That’s right- she has two locations- one in New York AND one in California, and she travels between them to see clients! 
How amazing is that?! 
She’s crushing it so hard that she’s ready to grow a team of PTs in BOTH locations! 
So, I told her I knew a few high-quality therapists who might be interested. 😉
And I wanted to pass on this opportunity to you, in case you were interested or if you knew someone who might be~ 
Here are the details:


– Treat patients one-on-one for 45 mins or 1 hour, whatever your patient needs. 
– Welcome to incorporate aquatic therapy, boxing, yoga, energy work, or other activities into your treatment plans. 
Ultimate freedom, autonomy, and flexibility as a clinician: You decide your schedule-  how many patients you want to see, schedule them around your lifestyle, work as many or as few hours that you want.
– Patient population consists of younger athletes, famous musicians, and medicare population (50/50). 
– Practice virtually (telehealth), if you want! 
Easy documentation using WebPT & Intake Q 
– Access to a brand new state-of-the-art gym and studio with over 15K members that are waiting for your services 



– Embrace a mind-body-spirit treatment approach, addressing the whole person. 
Take extended time-off when you want to travel and explore the world.
– Live in a highly-educated,  open and loving community with a great art scene. 
– Freedom to treat in a way that is best for that client, and the freedom of your own schedule achieving a work- life balance.
– NY: A train ride into NYC.   
– CA: Close to National Parks and world-class skiing, hiking, rock climbing,  and beautiful beaches. 
A Message from the Owner:
This would’ve been my dream job out of school: make your own schedule, work whatever day or hours, schedule week to week…



Who Should Apply For This Job?

Someone who is self- motivated, ambitious, driven, business-orientated, who wants to  make their own schedule, is detail-oriented, reliable, compassionate, and a good listener. 
Someone who embraces total body wellness through a mind- body- spirit treatment approach. 
Someone who wants the flexibility of extended time-off for travel with the stability of a permanent job. 
Someone who wants the ability to build what they want in a cash- based practice without the risk
Someone who wants to grow in the company long-term and move into management roles
Someone who wants to learn and be mentored —> that means new grads and experienced clinicians, please apply! You’ll learn everything you need to become a world-class, cash-based therapist.
Teams are welcome to apply (2 needs or more in each location) 


If this sounds like you, and you want to be considered for the position:


Since there will be a lot of interested candidates, be sure to stand out by mentioning what sets you apart from the other candidates! 😉
If you are interested, but haven’t graduated yet, taken boards yet, or don’t have a license yet? 
No problem! We will wait for the RIGHT therapist and will continue to grow over time!  
If you are interested, I hope this works out for you! 
If you have any questions, reach out and let me know! 
P.S. If this isn’t for you, but you know someone who might be a good fit, please share it!