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  • How do I find the right recruiter for me as a new travel therapist?
  • How do I not get taken advantage of as a new travel PT?


There are a lot of companies and recruiters out there and different ways they could take advantage of you…


So, how do you find a good recruiter/recruiting company?

A good recruiter and good company can make a world of difference-

Because a recruiter and company could make or break your experience as a traveler.

Unfortunately, I have heard of some bad circumstances. In some cases, the recruiters don’t mean to lead you astray, but because they are new to the business, their ignorance may put you in a compromised situation. As a travel therapy mentor, I hear of these situations all too often.


That’s why it is important to pick a recruiter who is recommended from experienced travelers that know what to look out for and have had good experiences with them (and I don’t mean your friend who just started traveling last year)-


Not just any recruiter or any company that you find on the internet, at a conference, or at your school’s career fair. **They are not all created equal. **

With over 10 years of experience, working with 10+ different companies and mentoring hundreds of new grads, I know what to look for in a company and a recruiter, the good and the bad, and am familiar with many recruiters and companies.


This is why I help to connect you with those recruiters who we know, trust, and personally work with in addition to sharing what makes them a good recruiter in our next blog post here:




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