If you find yourself nodding along with any of the following, then you are in a perfect position to begin your journey as a travel therapist…
  1. You KNOW deep in your Wanderlusting Soul that you want to be a traveling therapist.
  2. You value experiences over things.
  3. Committing to anything longer than 3 months at a time scares you.
  4. You gracefully balance flexibility with planning, while embracing the fact that plans are made to be changed.
  5. You know that by experiencing multiple settings & locations, you might ultimately find where you want to settle-down one day.
  6. You are eager to learn from a variety of clinicians all over the country.
  7. You look forward to paying off student loans with a salary that is 30-50% higher than that of perm positions.
  8. You love the newness experienced with travel: new friends, new hobbies, new things, new places.
  9. You welcome challenges as an opportunity for growth.
  10. Or maybe (like me), you weren’t any of these things, but your Prince Charming wanted to do it… So you tried it, and now, you are all of these things. 🙂
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