To say MOST new travelers struggle would be a major understatement.

I was one of them.
In addition, mentoring over 500+ new traveling therapists, I have heard these all too often from new travelers who contact me only after-the-fact

It’s as if it comes with the territory (until now).

Coming straight from first-hand experience, here are

3 Biggest Mistakes New Traveling Therapists Make (& how it won’t happen to you)…

Reason 1.
NOT ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS (or worse, not knowing what the answers mean) resulting in a less than desirable job…  

Being a traveling therapist isn’t particularly hard or complicated. But there are MANY potential mis-step points along the way.  

What questions to ask on the interview? How to find a reputable recruiter? How to find housing?

These are just some of the MANY questions you’ll need answered along the way.  

Most new travelers approach their journey as just another “thing to learn as you go”. But the thing is, you don’t have time nor money to waste on that, AND you can’t risk your career in getting it wrong right out the gate.
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Reason 2.
NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO FIRST resulting in wasted time and money …

You land the perfect job in the most beautiful location and sign the contract, only to find out- there is no housing, or rent is astronomical.


Been there and done that. I have devised a lot of tips and tricks over the course of 10 years as a traveling therapist. Simply put, learn from our mistakes experiences. Only thing is, you don’t have to struggle through it again because I already did. You’re welcome. 😉

Reason 3.
GOING WITH ANY RECRUITER  that ends up leading you astray …

There are a lot of companies and recruiters out there and different ways they could take advantage of you; So, how do you know who to trust?  

It’s important to speak with a recruiter you know you can trust who is recommended from travelers that have a few years of experience and know what to look out for (and I don’t mean your friend who started traveling last year).

In addition, equip yourself with questions to ask, red flags to look out for, and the intuition to know when to run in the opposite direction by tuning into the webinar by clicking below.

Don’t want to make the same mistakes?

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