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  • Why should you become a travel physical therapist?
  • What are the Pros of Travel Therapy?
  • Why try Travel PT?


Why should you be a Travel PT?!

Maybe you’ve heard about this Magical Unicorn of a job called travel therapy from other’s who have done it, students, or colleagues, but it all seems too good to be true. I thought so too, when I first learned about it. But, it’s not. By arming yourself with the right steps, knowledge, and mentorship, travel PT is filled with benefits that a lot of other physical therapy jobs cannot offer.


Here’s my Top 6:



Travel therapy offers a great way to network and meet new people, as travel therapists often come in contact with a wide variety of health care professionals from all over the country. Travel therapy can take you to amazing places you may have never even heard of, providing you with the chance to experience something completely new. Travel therapy also allows you to gain a unique perspective on the world and its diverse cultures.

Being a traveling therapists has allowed me to travel to over 40 states, visit 21 national parks, take extended periods of time off to travel in my van, travel internationally, and visit friends and family ALL over and meet new friends!



In fact, one of my favorite parts about traveling is the new people we meet! I have become very close with many of our my co-workers and the people I meet on assignment. The new people you meet will inspire you to try new things, activities and develop new hobbies.



You’ll be able to see and experience things you may never have seen or experienced otherwise. Like what?!

Like Yoga, hiking, backpacking, camping, crossfit, rock climbing, paddle boarding, mountain biking, fly fishing, swing dancing and salsa dancing, building a camper van… You get it.


But It’s not just about seeing new places, trying new things, and meeting new people, you get to advance your career and professional development as well…



Additionally, working as a travel therapist can provide you with a wide variety of assignments and gives you an opportunity to develop and enhance your clinical skills in different settings.

Travel therapists often work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, schools, and other healthcare facilities, giving them the opportunity to broaden their skill set and experience.

Learning different ways of doing things due to the various locations you pass through, experiencing new settings, multiple facilities, and patient populations.

Furthermore, you will have the chance to network with colleagues and mentors, making valuable connections that can help you advance your career.

Learning from multiple clinicians, gaining new skills, discovering new concepts, and add new tools to your knowledge. I have been able to work alongside many amazing clinicians, over 50 at least, and we have been able to share and bounce knowledge on each other.

Travel therapy ALSO allows you to take time to do the CEU courses that you want to do for example: getting that 200 hour yoga teacher training, vestibular specialization, and MDT certification…

So for anyone who has said “travel therapy isn’t good for professional growth…” I am calling BS! Travel therapy is AMAZING for clinical growth and is especially good for new grads. You just have to know what to look out for when search for a job in order to avoid less than ideal situations. But this applies to both travel OR perm positions! More on this in the webinar HERE.

In the end, it’s ultimately up to you – what kind of the clinician do you want to become?


#2: PAY

Travel therapy offers a unique opportunity to explore the U.S. while earning a VERY competitive salary. Travel therapists typically receive a base rate salary, as well as an additional stipend to help cover housing and travel expenses. This makes it an attractive option for those who want to make a good wage while on the move. In addition to a competitive salary, travel therapists also enjoy a great deal of flexibility. Money is important but having that work-life balance is so essential to live a more fulfilling life.


And that leads to the final and TOP reason (IMO) to become a travel PT-



Time is life’s most valuable resource. Traveling as a therapist allows you to take great advantage of this freedom of time and location.

As a traveler, you have the freedom to:

  • Be able to take time-off between contracts
  • Be able to take time-off during contracts ( pre-negotiated into your contract)
  • Have a flexible work schedule (4, 10 hour days)

As a traveler, we have the ability and flexibility to take time-off between contracts or to even rearrange the schedule depending on the contract. An example would be the ability to request four, 10 hour days, so you can have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off.
Normally, for a permanent position, time off is stringent, limited to maybe 2-4 weeks maximum, being accrued over time. As a travel PT though, the ability to schedule your time how you want is one of the major benefits.


Ultimately, to me, travel PT is about designing a career around the lifestyle you want instead of designing your life around your career.


Ready to learn more about travel PT?

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