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  • How can you know whether the clinic will be a good fit for my skill set?
  • How can you find a good job as a travel PT?


The interview is the key to finding the right job for you as a new grad travel physical therapist!


Whether the job is a travel job OR even a permanent job, not every job is right for a new grad. But by asking the right questions on the interview, you can determine if the job is right for you. The important part is to know what questions to ask during the interview to help weed out those jobs that might NOT be a good fit.

If you want support at your job and you ask about mentorship and if there is support or another therapist available, and their answer is “none,” then maybe that is not the right job for you.

This FREE DOWNLOAD will arm you with the questions you need to get a feel for if it is going to be a supportive environment as a new grad physical therapist .

Equally as important as asking the right questions, is understanding what the answers mean. So, if you ask about what productivity requirements are, and they say “90%,” but you don’t know WHAT “90%” means, then you are no better off. Make sure you understand what the answers to the questions mean as well.


What questions should you ask on the interview?

Click below to download the 10 MUST-Ask Interview Questions to make sure you find the right job for you!