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Hey There, Wanderlusting Soul~ 

There is an AMAZING opportunity just outside of the BEAUTIFUL Salt Lake City, Utah!

One of my colleagues is looking to hire an exceptional PT for his growing clinic-  

So, I told him I knew a few high-quality therapists who might be interested. ?

Here are the details-



– Primarily musculoskeletal/ outpatient ortho overuse injuries (80%) by way of direct access and post-op orthopaedics secondary (20%) 

– Market directly to patients by providing valuable workshops, newsletters, and community outreach. 

– Top referral source is through direct access, not physicians. 

– No spending hours after work catching up on documentation or wrestling with electronic documentation, it’s all on PAPER! 

– Efficiently see 12-16 clients per day with no need to stay after hours! 

– Mentorship under the owner with 30 years of experience 

– Heavy emphasis on patient education and empowering the patients to get better. 

– The clinic has sixty 5/5 star Google reviews: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ (60) !!!!

– Ability to flex hours to have 3 day weekend in order to explore and enjoy the surrounding areas!  



– Opportunity to grow within the company, to junior partner, then owner. 

– Competitive salary 

– CEU Reimbursement yearly: Recommends McKenzie A & B 



– Laid-back, fun environment, with music and a team atmosphere.

– Beautiful community, surrounded by mountains, hiking, skiing/snowboarding, biking, and close to the beautiful Salt Lake City. 

– PTO is encouraged. 

– Easily approachable boss who welcomes creativity and loves ultra-running and #vanlife ( a true Wanderlust PT, himself!)  



A Message from the Owner:

“The ideal candidate is willing to be mentored, potentially become a junior partner, and take over the clinic one day when I retire in a few years…”
“We are on a mission to flip the (healthcare) pyramid, where direct access becomes primary and referrals (from physicians) become secondary.


Who Should Apply For This Job?

Someone who is truly passionate about physical therapy and wants to make a real transformation in people’s lives.

Someone who wants to work in a team atmosphere alongside 2 PTs and a PTA. 

Someone who wants to learn and be mentored —> that means new grads and experienced clinicians, please apply! 

Someone who is interested in marketing your services directly to patients through workshops and community outreach activities. 

Someone who likes the idea of being able to grow and advance within the company. 

Might consider a team (2 PTs). 



If this sounds like you, and you want to be considered for the position:


Since there will be a lot of interested candidates, be sure to stand out by mentioning what sets you apart from the other candidates!

If you are interested, but haven’t graduated yet, taken boards yet, or don’t have a UTAH license? 

No problem! He is willing to wait for the RIGHT therapist! 

If you are interested, I hope this works out for you! 

If you have any questions, reach out and let me know! 



P.S. If this isn’t for you, but you know someone who might be a good fit, please share it!