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In order to optimize your job search, you should be working with 2-3 recruiters from different companies during the job search process in order to find the best job for you. This is because some companies share the same jobs (maybe ~50%), but the others might be specific to their company.  

This is typical and expected to work with more than one recruiter and company during the job search process, but in order to do it correctly and not burn any bridges, there is certain etiquette that you need to adhere to when working with multiple recruiting companies.

Etiquette When Working with Multiple Recruiting Companies

1. Always give the “OK” to be subbed to a job.

Always tell the recruiting companies that you want to give them the “OK” before your application is submitted (subbed) to a job. This way, you can track where you are being submitted, so you don’t get double subbed (submitting your application to the same job posting through 2 different recruiting companies – a BIG NO-NO.) and make sure it is actually a place you would consider going. 

2. Keep track of EXACTLY which facility and location you are being subbed to.

Sometimes companies will post a job in a major city, but it does not mean it’s in that exact city.  For example, they might post a job for Denver Colorado, when in reality, the job is located 40 minutes outside of Denver.   Determine exactly in which city the job is located and for which facility (name of the hospital, home health agency, or outpatient clinic) you are applying for, and keep track of where you have applied to and through which recruiting company. This is especially important if you’re working with multiple companies. If the cities are not accurate, and you don’t keep track of where you have applied, by mistake, you might end up applying for the same jobs through multiple companies, which is frowned upon, both with the recruiting companies and with facilities you’re applying.  (If a recruiting company does not want to provide this information, more on this in this post about Red Flags.) 

3. Do not double-submit your application to the same job posting through 2 different recruiting companies.

Since some recruiting companies have the same job postings, it is possible to accidentally “double submit” if you do not adhere to points 1 and 2 listed above.  Although this was discussed in points 1 & 2, I just wanted to reiterate because it is that important. 

4. Never share job postings between companies.

Do not take jobs postings from one company and bring it to another company.  It’s a very competitive field, and recruiters work really hard for you. This is true both during a job search and after you accept a position.

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