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In this post, we will explore what makes a good recruiter and company, and the things to look for when picking a recruiter and company.  

Since most recruiters are really friendly and it feels like they could be your new bestie, it’s even more important to know which attributes to look out for when choosing a recruiter for you.

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10 Attributes of a Good Travel Therapy Recruiter and Recruiting Company:

1. Available outside of “work” hours-

Not that you will bug them outside of work hours for non- urgent matters, but if you need them, they will be there for you.

2. Honest about the market-

They will tell you the truth about if your plan is doable or reasonable based on the market.

3. Communicative-

Via email, text, phone, snapchat, or whatever your preferred method of contact.

4. Supportive and respectful of your goals/ wishes-

They are not pushy, and don’t tell you what is best for you- only YOU know that. They should respects our goals/wishes and not push us to do settings or locations that don’t interest us.

5. Organized and efficient-

They get stuff done quickly and know what we are looking for in a job/ assignment. 

6. Advocates for their travelers-

It’s easy to find a job and get a contract signed. But when $h*# hits the fan, what does your recruiter and company do for you?  That’s when true colors come out. 

7. Reasonable-

Their company’s contracts and pay are reasonable.  We approve and are comfortable signing these contracts, and don’t feel like we may have to sell a kidney. (You should read some of the fine print in some of the other companies out there).

8. Abides by guidelines-

The government sets certain guidelines for pay and some companies and recruiters still educate their travelers wrong or don’t at all about this… 

9. Successful at placing Teams-

If you plan to travel with someone else, you want to make sure your recruiter knows how to place two people in the same location or a “team.” 

10. Supportive of you working with multiple recruiters-

It’s in your best interest to work with more than 1 recruiting company (more on this in the next post HERE), and they should understand that. 

Now, you could take this information and run with it… actively searching through all the recruiters and companies out there and in the end still wondering if they’re “good.”

But instead having to do all that hard work (and we’ve already done it), I want to offer you the opportunity to work with our WanderlustPTs approved Recruiters. 

If you want recruiters who meet all of this criteria listed above, click here to be connected with our Recommended Recruiters, and fill out the contact information and include any questions or comments, and we will get back to you shortly!

Our Recommended Recruiters are ones that we know and trust with our careers and our pay packages.

These recruiters have been picked after experience with many companies and recruiters over the years, and they are stellar. 

They meet and exceed all of our criteria (and as you can probably guess, we are picky), including all of the attributes discussed above! 

So if you want to take advantage of being connected and saving yourself the headache of knowing whether a recruiter is good or not…

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It’s never too early to connect with them, even if you don’t graduate for a while or plan on traveling right away, you can keep their contact information handy for when the time comes, introduce yourself, and ask questions.

If this article helped you to feel more prepared about becoming a traveling therapist, please share it with other friends who also may benefit from it.